District Strategic Development Plan

           On the occasion of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, the Government of India has resolved to develop India by the year 2047 as “Vikasit Bharat 2047”. It has announced the goal of taking India’s economy to $5 trillion by 2025-26. The Government of India intends to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. While achieving these goals of a developed India, the states of India also need to be fully developed by the year 2047.While achieving these goals of a developed India, the states of India also need to be fully developed by the year 2047. In this regard, the state’s main goal is to make the economy of the state of Maharashtra $ 1 trillion by the year 2027, $ 2.5 trillion by the year 2037 and $ 3.5 trillion  by the year 2047.For this, focusing on the “District as a Fulcrum of Growth” will enable the development of thoughtful and specific strategies for economic development and such development will be inclusive and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Under this, a District Strategic Plan will be prepared for Jalgaon taking into consideration the socio-economic conditions and the disparity in natural resources and the need to face the challenges of rapid urbanization.

           The following committee has been formed at the district level to prepare the district development plan and provide qualitative support to it.

Sr. No. Member Position
1 District Collector, Jalgaon President
2 CEO, ZP, Jalgaon Member
3 Commissioner, Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation, Jalgaon Member
4 District Superintendent Agricultural Officer, Jalgaon Member
5 District Industries Officer, Jalgaon Member
6 District Statistical Officer, Jalgaon Member
7 Resident Deputy Collector, Jalgaon Member
8 Head of All Government Departments Member
9 Representatives of other Sectors Member
10 District Planning Officer, Jalgaon Member Secretary

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District Planning Officer
District Planning Committee Office
Collector Office Campus, Jalgaon 425001
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